Next Step: Greece

My european tour leads me to Greece next week. On my todo list: Meetings with basic income activists (more info later) Organization of the first OuiShare Drinks in Athens (join the event here) Short trip to Crete, meetings with local activists (more info later) If you want to meetup or have any opportunity, ideas, projects to share with me, please get

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Bankers prove basic income is feasible in Greece

So the greek central bank just announced the cost of the greek bank recapitalization : 27.5bn euros just for the 4 biggest banks, 40 bn overall. That could even top at 50bn, the Bank of Greece admits. This represents about 20% of Greece’s GDP. What a scam, isn’t it? Well, this is actually awesome: just by doing this, bankers are providing the

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Paper: A monetary approach towards a basic income in Greece

On the 14th of September, I will present a paper called “A monetary approach towards a basic income in Greece“, in which I explain and demonstrate how Greece could exit the eurozone and implement a citizen’s monetary dividend. This paper was submitted to the Basic Income Earth Network for its annual congress that wil take place near Munich next week.

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