European Tour: the iberian way

My European tour continues! Here are my next travel destinations:

  • june 2-3th: Lyon
  • june 4th: meetup with basic income activists in Montpellier
  • june 5-6th: meetup with OuiShare & Basic Income activists in Toulouse
  • june 7-16th: OuiShare Summit + basic income activities in Barcelona
  • [dates to be confirmed] Madrid, Bilbao…
  • july 7-17th: OuiShare coordination in Lisboa
  • july 18-20th: participating to a Basic Income Summer School in Braga (Portugal)
  • end-july: UK again (Cloud Cuckoo Festival)

Please do contact me if you want to help, meet, invite, or drink with me 🙂

PS: Further destination will probably be Eastern Europe (more to come soon).