What’s all the fuss about futures derivatives on french bonds?

A rumor is currently trending in France: Sarkozy would be the instigator of the launch by Eurex of a new market for derivative on French bonds. For some, the move is intended to stimulate market pressure on french debt and thus give credit to austerity speeches. However, these information are highly subject to misunderstandings and fake informations. You can read my analysis on my english

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French press’ mistaken view on the Irish promissory notes deal

On Thursday, the Irish government announced that it reached a deal about the promissory notes issue, that forces Ireland to pay 3,06 bn euros on march 31st. But this deal actually does not defer any payment neither relieves Ireland from its heavy debt burden. In France, the only newspaper that reported about this information was Les Echos. But their paper is such a misleading

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