European Tour: the iberian way

My European tour continues! Here are my next travel destinations: june 2-3th: Lyon june 4th: meetup with basic income activists in Montpellier june 5-6th: meetup with OuiShare & Basic Income activists in Toulouse june 7-16th: OuiShare Summit + basic income activities in Barcelona [dates to be confirmed] Madrid, Bilbao… july 7-17th: OuiShare coordination in Lisboa july 18-20th: participating to a Basic Income

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Next Step: Greece

My european tour leads me to Greece next week. On my todo list: Meetings with basic income activists (more info later) Organization of the first OuiShare Drinks in Athens (join the event here) Short trip to Crete, meetings with local activists (more info later) If you want to meetup or have any opportunity, ideas, projects to share with me, please get

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