Writing and curiosity brought me onto the internet. While studying in a French business
school, I found myself learning more on the internet than attending the courses (which I did, still ūüėČ ).

So, when I had read so much things that I considered I’d like to have a say, I¬†launched my first blog :¬†T√™te de Quenelle¬†(in french).

Two years and hundred post later, I joined the french media OWNI and writing became my main activity. In this small but promising startup, I learned the good practices of professional & innovative journalism.

I was in charge of the economic section of the website, in an intense period of debt crisis among Europe. This was a good opportunity for me to build an expertise in debt crisis, banking, and more specifically monetary issues, Irish, Icelandic and Greek crisis.

At the same time, my blog became a bastion of alternatives and heterodox thoughts and analysis. I call for radical reforms of the monetary system and for the implementation of a unconditional basic income.

Later, with my diploma in hand, I went freelance for a few months, until the french leading economic newspaper La Tribune hired me. There, I had the opportunity to work in the web team of a more traditional newsroom and learnt a lot from this experience. Unfortunately, as the company suffers from financial difficulties, my contract ended. I was back in freelance.

Since january 2012, I contributed to several media such as MyEurop and Basta! . But most of all, I am enjoying my free time to take part to other personal and activist projects. First, I took the initiative of the launching of a brand new website for the promotion of the basic income in France. Second, I became the co-editor of Ouishare Media, a new website about the collaborative economy.

Also, I recently launched an english blog on economics called Boiling Frogs in order to engage conversation with other people around the Globe, and improve my English as well :).

February 2013, I quit Paris and go backpacking around Europe / France. I’m trying to meet local activists, organize local events, workshops around basic income and the¬†collaborative economy. You can follow¬†my roadmap here. Contact me¬†if I come nearby ūüėČ

March 22th, 2013, we finally launch a european citizens’ initiative for unconditional basic income. I’m the french coordinator of the project. For more information, please visit our website:¬†

Blogger, journalist, somewhat economist and activist: as you can see, my profile is pretty versatile. But my activities are very connected to each others and the very¬†raison d’√™tre¬†of this website is precisely to highlight the¬†consistency of my approach.

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