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I’m an pluridisciplinary political activist based in Brussels and working on transformative policies to change Europe. After playing a key role in building the basic income movement in Europe and in France, I am now coordinating a campaign on monetary policy in the eurozone. I’m also involved in democracy participative campaign with the European Citizens’ Initiative.

You’ll find below a short bio summarizing the journey that brought me here:

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June 2009: While finishing my Business School program, I launch my first blog (in french), mainly about digital economics and society: Tête de Quenelle.

January 2011: I’m joining OWNI.fr as an intern. Back a the time Owni was one of the most innovative french news website. There I learn a lot about journalism and become a writer as my main activity.

I’m quickly taking in charge the economics section while the euro crisis is hitting hard. I become an expert in debt and monetary issues, with a special focus on Ireland, Iceland and Greece.

In the meantime I keep writing on my blog about alternatives to the crisis, especially on basic income.

October 2011: I get recruited by the french leading economics newspaper La Tribune and keep covering the euro crisis.

January 2012: I become freelance journalist and take advantage of my free time to join the OuiShare community where I serve as editor in chief.

July 2012: i’m launching a new website dedicated to basic income in France, in order to prepare the ground for the European Citizens Initiative for Basic Income which is getting prepared.

February 2013: I’m leaving Paris to leave as a nomad across Europe and meet activists and help the organisation of new groups for basic income. I have visited the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain…

March 2013: We officially start the French Movement for Basic Income which I am cofounder.

Janvier 2014: The European Citizens Initiative for Basic Income ends with almost 300,000 signatures. Not enough to go to the EU Commission, but we decide to keep working together and create Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBI-Europe).

April 2014: I co-organise an event at the European Economic and Social Committee celebrating the launch of Unconditional Basic Income Europe.

March 2015: I am elected member of UBI-Europe’s board.

February 2015: I am a founding member of the association for The ECI Campaign, an NGO working on the successful implementation of the European Citizens’ Initiative.

August 2015: I’m joining Positive Money as international coordinator and move to London. My mission will consist in supervising the International Movement for Monetary Reform and launching a European campaign on ‘quantitative easing for people‘. I resign from UBI-Europe’s board and withdraw from my duties of the French Movement for Basic Income.

May 2016: I moved to Brussels in order to focus on coordinating lobbying efforts around the quantitative easing for People campaign.

February 2018: We launch Positive Money Europe, a Brussels-based NGO focusing on scrutinizing the European Central Bank and offering innovative monetary policy ideas. Positive Money Europe will follow up with the work of the quantitative easing for people campaign.

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