Paper: A monetary approach towards a basic income in Greece

On the 14th of September, I will present a paper called “A monetary approach towards a basic income in Greece“, in which I explain and demonstrate how Greece could exit the eurozone and implement a citizen’s monetary dividend. This paper was submitted to the Basic Income Earth Network for its annual congress that wil take place near Munich next week.

Here is the abstract of my paper:

Assuming Greece defaults on its debt and exits the eurozone, this paper suggests an heterodox way of managing the Greek economy towards economic recovery. The paper claims that the central bank of Greece should gradually convert the loans it owns from the Greek banks into deposits of Greek citizens. This process would be led for three years, and result in distributing a guaranteed basic income to every Greek citizen currently residing in Greece. Our proposal is aimed at stimulatinga long-term confidence in the economic outlooks, fighting poverty andensuring a pathway to the end of the crisis through social justice through basic income.

You can read the full piece below, and if you have any comment or want to endorse the paper, please contact me.

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